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It's been a few months since my travels to Costa Rica and I miss it!

I returned from cooking on a yoga horse farm in Costa Rica in February 2019 . I started my new year in a new way.

I was very happy to be immersed in a tropical jungle setting, waking up to howler monkeys, birds and puppy kisses. My being was thriving and I cooked to my heart’s content with passion, like a lover. The inspiration for most dishes came to me the morning of as I sipped my coffee, or the night before before I went to bed. I often talk about how I dream of recipes and putting flavors together. This was definitely the case here. I was happy to be sharing my love for food with the humans that came together to share a meal. Eating together is a deeply sacred ceremony to me.

It took me a few days to settle into my body upon arriving at Kindred Spirits. I was greeted by the lovely host Terry Newton, her daughter Lexi and sweet horse volunteers. The first morning as I menu planned with Terry, I was also accompanied by four fur animals (Jasper, Duffy, Felix and Dixon) that were to become my friends in the next three weeks. I grew especially fond of Dixon who has taught me how to create invisible boundaries in the kitchen and have strong will especially when he looked at me with his puppy eyes, melting my heart and making me forgive too easily.

I had access to abundance of ingredients such as arugula, polynesian spinach, lemons, lemongrass, lemon balm, curry leaf, hibiscus flowers, bananas, plantains, spanish basil and culantro to name a few. I drew inspiration from some cook books that Terry had and painted dishes packed with love and nutrition. Some of my creations that came and had me swooning after the first bite were “vegan rum and raisin icecream with oatmeal raisin cookie”, “Fruit and Nut(less) Chocolate ball”, “Jamaican Sheppherd’s Pie”, “White bean and spinach patties”, and “spinach wraps”

I had the privilege of learning about horses from Terry that uses a natural horsemanship style in her bond with her horses. I would call her a horse whisperer. Her connection and natural loving bond with each of her horses is beautiful to witness. I learnt what it was like to share territory with horses, how to greet them. It was a beautiful experience to have such close proximity with these deeply healing animals. My soul has been nourished in so many ways and I will always cherish my time spent at Kindred Spirits in Costa Rica.

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