Meal Planning

My aim is to nourish the physical, emotional and mental body with the foods that I create.


I  provide education on how eating habits can be created.


There is a choice to put into your body that which will continue to provide you with energy.


This also includes continued daily practices of kind self talk and time communing with nature.

Change your relationship to food

I've designed a small, practical and heart centred program that will help you transform your relationship to food, providing you with a close knowledge of your body, as well as easy, step-by step guidance on how to sustain a healthy relationship to food.

Online Counseling

  • Personalized review of your lifestyle, eating behaviour and attitudes.

  • A deep reflection of your beliefs and relationship to food.

  • An exploration of your nutritional challenges and opportunities for improvement.

  • Education, resources, and local recommendations for healthy eating.

  • A unique plan of action that we create together according to your own goals and learning.

  • Face-to-face time online.

  • Support for reaching your goals.

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