Words of Praise

“Elisha approached cooking for our retreat like an art. Every one of her meals tasted delicious and showed her respect and love for healthy, nourishing food culture. She was amazing to work with, asking for feedback daily and curated a menu for us that fitted perfectly to the vision of our retreat. We would hire her again in a heartbeat and cannot thank her enough for the beautiful food and good vibes.

Shannon Cluff

“Elisha puts so much thought and intention into every meal that is made, from sourcing the ingredients locally, to accommodating food allergies, to the love that she puts into the cooking itself. Meals were provided on schedule with a happy smiling face, and a true love for what she does. I would highly recommend Cheeky Monkey Catering and plan on continuing to use them for future events and offerings”


"Creations by Cheeky Monkey make my mouth water and my soul shiver. Not only are the dishes beautiful and nourishing but the entire process of creation with Elisha is a dream. As a consultant, Elisha parses out the nuances of desire in her clients and works with them to create experience for which they were always hoping . She understands the whole process of catering; how to make the journey flow from start to finish."

Grace Davis

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